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Gourmet Ice Cream Hand Made in Queensland 

The basis of our gourmet ice cream is a traditional family recipe that has been handed down through generations. This traditional recipe is still the starting point for creating our many delightful flavours to this day.  

We invite you to come to visit us at our factory shop and take a break in the shade while enjoying the ice cream of your choice in the peaceful surroundings. Or, keep an eye out for Mammino Gourmet Ice Cream at various stockists and events.

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Enjoy Your Mammino at Lady Musgrave

Enjoy Your Mammino at Lady Musgrave

The places that people enjoy their Mammino Gourmet Ice Cream are even more interesting and varied than our range of flavours. One of the most amazing places to take in your surroundings while enjoying a refreshing ice cream is on the Southern Great Barrier Reef at...

Chill Out In Childers – Idea #1

Chill Out In Childers – Idea #1

Whether you are a local or visitor, when you take the time to stop and have a look around, Childers is a great place to discover lots of little gems and interesting places. Here is one idea for a fun, interesting and tasty outing that you can do in a few hours… Stop...

Our Range

At Mammino Gourmet Ice Cream we believe in crafting our products with a level of care and attention that will delight our customers when they taste the final result. 

Currently, our range includes a variety of macadamia based flavours, several real fruit ice creams, two fruit sorbets, and a host of other delicious ice creams.


Our Story

You will still find Mammino Gourmet Ice Cream in the same place it all started, at a humble Childers farmhouse set amongst the rich red soil and cane fields that are hallmarks of the area.

In 1996, Anthony & Teena Mammino began selling macadamias on a roadside stall. When Teena decided to try creating a new treat by adding macadamias to her grandmother’s old-style ice cream recipe, word soon spread and the demand for their ice cream led to it becoming a full-time operation.


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Our Factory

115 Lucketts Road, Childers QLD 4660
Open 7 days, 9am to 5pm