Our Story

You will still find Mammino Gourmet Ice Cream in the same place it all started, at a humble Childers farmhouse set amongst the rich red soil and cane fields that are hallmarks of the area.

In 1996, Anthony & Teena Mammino began selling macadamias on a roadside stall. When Teena decided to try creating a new treat by adding macadamias to her grandmother’s old-style ice cream recipe, word soon spread and the demand for their ice cream led to it becoming a full-time business.

Over the years, the Mamminos have added a variety of flavours and their ice cream has become one of the Childers district’s most iconic products winning many food and tourism awards.

Sadly, Childers lost a wonderful ambassador when Anthony Mammino passed away in January 2017. However, Mammino Gourmet Ice Cream has stayed in the family with Anthony’s cousin Leo Ricciardi, and his wife Helen, taking on the business in September 2017 after having spent a great deal of time helping Teena, learning the recipes, and getting to know the suppliers of all the quality ingredients. Meanwhile, Teena herself continues to be a tourism advocate and mentor for businesses in the region.

Leo and Helen and their team still make the traditional recipes at the commercial kitchen and shop attached to the farmhouse at 115 Luckett’s Rd, Childers. Visitors can come and relax in the shade overlooking the paddocks while enjoying handmade ice cream served with country hospitality.

Mammino Gourmet Ice Cream is now home to one of the largest ranges of macadamia nut ice cream in Australia. There is a range of flavours combining many of your favourite tastes with smooth nutty macadamias.

There is also a range of fruit flavours to suit any mood or season, all made with real fruit. Plus, there are other flavours featuring many traditional favourites along with real-fruit sorbets.

The current line-up of flavours includes:

  • 6 macadamia flavours
  • 6 fruit flavours
  • 8 ‘other’ flavours
  • 2 sorbet flavours
  • 2 ‘other’ flavours feature the famous Bundaberg Rum
  • 11 gluten-free choices across the range
  • The sorbet is both gluten and dairy-free


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Our Factory

204 Goodwood Road, Childers QLD 4660
Open 7 days, 9am to 5pm